Never too dark to wear black

Who would have known that coming from a very colourful cultural background, I would end up wearing black as an everyday outfit?!

In Cape Verde people normally wear black if they are going to a funeral and it is very rare to wear black from head to toe. People like to wear colours, all kind of bright and colourful things.


Capeverdean model Raquel Pinto wearing bright colours

I love colours and all the happy energy that comes with it – yet when you’re a Copenhagener you know that black is everything!

It is the city’s signature style! So, to feel part of the group you have to wear black at some point. Right?! Cross-cultural influences are a new and fun way to express your identity. The idea of creating a two-way dialogue about fashion and cultural clashes inspires me a lot as a designer, and there are a number of things that I adore about living in Denmark: one of them is the autumn. I just love to see the leaves falling, the fresh air, and especially the fall fashion, which is just so amazing!

Her are some pictures from one of my latest photo-shoots with my photographer friend Anders Andersen who helped me creating a contrast between my outfits on a beautiful sunny day during this autumn.


Noe in Black outfit for Hybrida blog


Noe in Black outfit for Hybrida blog

When wearing black, I like to play with different layers and textures to make it more interesting and fun to look at.

Black on Black is classy and chic, but it can also be boring, so by playing with statement accessories, you can make your outfit stand out from the crowd. In this outfit I am wearing a statement golden necklace, a brown leather bag and golden details on my boots to spice up the look.


Black does not have to mean boring because when you are playing with layers, textures or cut-outs, you can easily make your outfit look more interesting.

Finally, here is more inspiration to lure you to the dark side 😉 which can also be used as a guideline for christmas gift.


Balenciaga boots

Balenciaga boots

clutch with bauhau style

Clutch with bauhaus aesthetics


Street style

Givenchy sweater AW13/14- street style

Givenchy sweater AW13/14- street style

Yu Masui - street style

Yu Masui – street style

a hint of sporty luxe, street style

a hint of sporty luxe, street style


Stella McCartney PF13


Street style


Street style


Celine – PF13/14


mochino clutch


Givenchy Rottweilers

Let me know what you think 😉

With love,

Creolinha Noe

4 thoughts on “Never too dark to wear black

  1. I love your inspirational accessories 😉 You just gave a good idea for a Christmas gift 😉 You girls keep up on the hard work and good luck with the blog

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. I used to think the same as you 😉
      I agree with you that wearing black all the time can be sad and even boring (because i love colours) but i think that sometimes it is nice to try something new 😉 and be out of our comfort zone

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