Hairstyles inspiration for New Year’s Eve 2013

There are a lot of things to keep you busy for  New Year’s Eve. Finding the perfect hairstyle is for sure one of them. The catwalks for Spring 2014 had already inspired us.  To make sure that you will start off 2014 on the ”right foot” her are some few key words for  2014 hairstyles  and selected inspirational pictures to get you on the right track.

  • Braids;

best-spring-hair-minkoff-braid nicolemillerdetailsspringsummer2014nyfw97

  • Ponytails;

mcx-helmut-lang-hair-lgn mcx-beauty-nyfwss14-Derek-Lam-02-lgn

  • Soft waves;

cdd4ca35b91a1744b7db0ffb905b92b6 WATER-WAVES-HAIRSTYLES-2014

  • Wet look;


  • Up-Do;

4c4d009d4a593e0ea7ace50b19b7b4df 2013-2014-autumn-winter-hairstyles-trends-L-UvcLug

hairstyle for a party look

braids hairsstyles


After years of straightening and colouring, I finally embraced my natural Afro curls. Here are  snapshots of how do I look today and how I looked a year back. It is a big change isn’t it?

me10 me2


Let me know which hairstyle you think suits me best and share your own ideas of hairstyles for 2014 with us.


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