Hi guys!

Happy New Year! Did you get safe into the new year and had fun? I sure did – with lots of love and positive vibes, I had an amazing evening with my friends. We started the evening by listening to the queens’ speech, followed by a lovely 3-course dinner.


I wore a dress that i have made myself a while ago, so it was my first time wearing it. I paired it with my beautiful Christian Louboutin shoes and danced the new year in!


IMG_4324 IMG_4330IMG_2242

To satisfy my baking need, i baked a special danish treat you have at New Years’, it is called Kransekage in danish. It is basically marzipan sticks that are a bit hard on the outside but chewy inside – so yummy!


Did you guys have a good evening? 🙂 I missed my hybrida girls – Mari celebrated in Brazil (IM SO JEALOUS ;)), and Noe celebrated with her family and friends in Copenhagen, but i’m sure they had an amazing evening as well. 🙂

To start the New Year in a good way, i went out yesterday to have a cocktail with my good friend Simon at NIMB hotel bar here in Copenhagen, it was so cosy by the fireplace in beautiful surroundings!

IMG_4336 IMG_4339 IMG_4355



3 thoughts on “2014!

    • Hi Rita. Thank you, they also tasted good 😉
      You need: 500 g raw marzipan, 200 g cane sugar, 100 g egg whites.

      You start by mixing the cane sugar with the egg whites, only mix till the sugar has dissolved but do not whip. Then you put the mixture in the marzipan until it is all mixed together – it will be a bit sticky. Put the mixture in an icing bag with a big rounded mouth and press out in the form of sticks on a baking plate covered with baking paper. Bake them in the oven at 200 degrees for 8-10 minutes (only until they become slightly brown). They will be very soft when you take them out but once they have become cold they will be a bit harder.
      When they are cooled you can take some icing sugar/powdered sugar and whip with some egg whites – then make a nice pattern on the sticks with a icing bag with a small hole and you are done 😉 Good luck with the baking 🙂

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