New Nordic Talent 2014

I don´t know about you guys, but we, as designers, are just in love with the concept of Muuse, an amazing web shop that discovers new talents around the globe and produces small collections in limited editions.

This Copenhagen-based company also promotes in partnership with Elle, a competition to find out the coolest new Nordic designer. This year, 5 students are representing KEA, the Copenhagen School of Design & Business and among them is our colleague Josephine Raun.

Josephine Raun

Josephine Raun wearing her own design

We had a little interview with her to hear a bit about her participation in the competition.

Josephine has a brand under the name Phine Raun which is a ready-to-wear brand with a vintage influence. Her main inspiration is always based from 1920’s to 1970’s but at the same time she tries to incorporate a modern trend which could be colours, silhouettes or fabrics. All her pieces selected for the competition have a certain history or image behind it.

1543419_10152151781290590_1507520407_n 1608398_10152151784345590_1791691192_n

My main sense of styling is trying to bring back the elegance and not just creating a design but creating a branding image in the society” Josephine Raun

She says that “we do forget that we are one of the industries that do pollute the most and it is a vicious cycle that we all are in”, so one of her main goals is to focus more on the future environment without pushing the consumers on the wrong direction and creating awareness at the same time.

Vote for Phine Raun at New Nordic Talent here:!vote/182-josephine–raun/182-josephine–raun


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