Sao Paulo Fashion Week SS15

Happy thursday everyone, so it is Fashion Week time in Brazil!

The capital of Sao Paulo is bubbling with it´s 37th Fashion Week edition. Many of the brands presented have been showing a wide range of bright colours and use of exclusive materials like latex, so lay back and enjoy it! Here are some of my favorite pieces from the collections presented on the first and second days of SPFW.

CavaleraCavalera-SS15Cavalera has been inspired (as many others during this season) by tropical scenarios, which I -as a good Brazilian- just can´t get enough of! I am madly in love with the light fringed kimonos and the flowery print in black background, which gives a good balance to the items.


Tufi DuekTufi-Duek-SS15The designer shows a retro design with futuristic details in this “swimming pools” inspired collection. New and technological materials such as the holographic tulle made the girly-shaped dresses look like it came from the future!


Joao PimentaJoao-Pimenta-SS15This quite cool menswear brand mixed beach inspiration and tailoring with elegance this season, making an unexpected use of materials like leather.


AnimaleAnimale-SS15Some of the SS15 pieces from Animale are composed with exclusive lace and embroidery that makes you want to look closer to discover them. Inspired by the northern regions of Brazil, they have also produced items out of latex, which is one of the country´s own materials.


Patricia MottaPatricia-Motta-SS15I love the application of bright colors into rough materials like leather and suede, which Patricia did with unusual neatness.


Pat Pat´sPat-Pat´s-SS15A cousin who lives in the USA and enjoys a relaxed beach-lifestyle inspired the young designer. The laser-cut pieces in summer colors are just to put on and go out!


Alexandre HercovitchAlexandre-Hercovitch-SS15With a long-life career and many amazing collections on his hands, Hercovitch one more time surprised showing a 50´s based collection with inspiration on Marilyn Monroe. Not obvious at all and very technological. I want the white latex coat now!


Giuliana RomannoGiuliana-Romanno-SS15The mix of soft pastels with stronger tones on top of sporty shapes works perfectly for this season. Way to go Giuliana!


The event runs until April 4th, so if you want to see the rest of the shows, make sure go to the Fashion Forward page and let us know what you think of the fashion scene in Brazil 😉


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