Khloé’s Birthday!

As April comes, flowers start blooming and so it’s the time to celebrate my daughter’s birthday. Khloé is the name that I chose to my daughter and it means exactly fresh blooming in Greek!

flower blooming

Well, all mothers out there you know how we feel each passing year of our child’s birthday.

On Friday 11th April, 3 years had passed since I gave birth to my beautiful daughter Khloé and since than my life has changed. It is so hard to put into words how having a child changes your  life and how you share your child’s every day life and journey with friends and family like it is the most amazing but yet most challenging experiences you have ever had.


I never understood that before but when I became a mother, I suddenly understood my mother so much more!

I am filled with such a joy and pride to be mother of an amazing sweet girl. Khloé is truly a special gift from God.

Khloé and I

I feel so lucky to have such a caring daughter, with a tender heart full of love and care for those around her even though she is only 3.

I love to watch her sing and dance and especially when she specifically requires having her dress on and for me to turn on the music. She may be tiny but has for sure a big personality already.

Since her first birthday, it had become a tradition for me to bake her birthday cake myself and put my creativity and caring into a next level. I love to see the happiness in her face each time and as she grows old, Khloé now already wishes herself which kind of cake she wishes. It suddenly becoming more challenging to bake as for example this year she asked for a castle cake for her princesses.

Khloé's first birthday

1st Birthday cake

Barbie cake

2nd Birthday cake

castle cake - sofie the first

3rd Birthday cake


Anyway, I cannot wait to celebrate so many more birthdays with Khloé! It’s been my pleasure to care for her through the years and now I look forward to guiding her through her child-hood as she learns to become her own person.

Khloé with her best friends


Khloé with her friends

Love you so much Khloé! You are the best thing that has ever happen to me!


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