Healthy Lifestyle

So, as mentioned on my last post, I have started on a new and healthier lifestyle.

As many know, I moved out of my parent´s place when I was 19 and came straight away to Denmark. Back then I was, as most teenagers, in good shape, not necessarily because I had healthy habits, but mostly because my metabolism was extraordinary. Seriously! I use to eat a whole bar of chocolate EVERY DAY without even feeling it! Not to mention I did not exercise at all..I guess in a way, I used to cook and eat as a way of not stressing so much over living alone and away from my family and friends.1978725_10152296150394269_689253731_n2009

Well, that obviously did not last long. About after 3 years I started noticing that my weight had increased, my skin was not the same, even my hair and nails were no longer stronger as they used to, but I was so used to just load myself with food that I did not pay much attention and other than entering the gym, I just kept on going the same way.1014128_10151670638919269_1317421648_n2013

Well, I won´t say I haven´t tried some crazy diets but as most of us know, they don´t work! Just about 2 months ago, I decided on taking action and really do something about it. Nothing extreme, I just started waking up earlier to run and taking more care of everything I put in my mouth. Some small changes DO make a difference. I have not only lost 3kg since I started, but also see the difference when I look in the mirror. Plus, I feel much more energetic during the day and relaxed when I sleep, due to the fact that my stomach is not struggling between digesting all the food I just ate and trying to put my body in a sleeping mode.IMG_29782014

I usually don´t like dieting tips, but these small changes are making the whole difference for me and if it helps any of you reading it, I will be already satisfied, so here it goes:

  • Have dinner earlier (you will feel 10kg lighter when you wake up)
  • Find the motivation to exercise (Nike Running app is what keeps me going)
  • Eat slightly less than you usually do during meals (it makes a HUGE difference in the end of the day/week/month/year)
  • Don´t cut all the crap, just eat less of it (better a little everyday then everything during the weekend)
  • Follow motivational profiles on Instagram (to see how healthy some people are, makes me want to be like them)

Hope this will help you out in case you are thinking about changing for a healthier lifestyle. I am not going to say it is easy, but once you see the results, you won´t want to go back! Also, don´t feel demotivated if you lose control during a day or a week, it has happened to me but you just have to take the next day seriously and don´t give up.

Love, Mari.

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