Youth Fashion Summit 2014

Happy Easter everyone! Well, the vacation will be over for me today. But until that happens, I am enjoying my last day at the summerhouse together with my Danish family.

Now is time to start counting down for the Youth Fashion Summit / Copenhagen Fashion Summit, which is the world’s largest and most important event on sustainability in fashion yet.

This is the time where leading voices in the world of fashion, business and design students meet to discuss the fashion industry’s social and environmental responsibility and solutions.


On April 24, Copenhagen Fashion Summit2014 will take place in Copenhagen Opera House under the sponsorship of Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Mary of Denmark.


100 students will use their knowledge, their skills and all their good ideas to develop new and fresh solutions to the challenges facing the industry.

I am happy to be part of the 100 students invited from around the world to speak our minds about the industry that we would like to be part of and about how we believe sustainability can make a difference in fashion industry and the environment that surrounds us.

On 22 and 23 of April I will be working closely with students from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation School of Design, School of Design and Technology (KEA) among other design schools around the world sharing knowledge and finding solutions that can help make a good impact at the fashion industry.


We will present our ideas and recommendations for the industry on stage at Copenhagen Fashion Summit. I see this as a unique opportunity to network with people that work for the fashion industry but also as a chance to be part of project that aims to make a change.

This year’s Youth Fashion Summit will focus on solutions: How can the fashion industry justify a future with fewer resources and more people to share them? What will the industry look like in 2050? In what direction should the industry head to ensure the best possible solutions for the key challenges?


I am so excited to explore solutions  to all these questions together with other creative minds.

But also at this year’s Fashion Summit, 10 Nordic designers and brands, such as Filippa K, Designers Remix, Marimekko, are challenged to design two complete innovative and creative looks in sustainable materials to demonstrate that sustainable fashion certainly can be stylish and fashionable. And finally there will be a runway show dedicated to denim, called Denim Challenge, and here five Nordic brands have designed creative styles made of innovative and responsible denim.


The goal of the Denim Challenge is to inspire both consumers and the industry to explore the endless ways denim can be used. It is meant to give designers access to sustainable materials while also encouraging innovative thinking and usage of denim.

I will probably share  my experience about this unique opportunity with you in another post soon.

Stay turned and follow up on that is happening at: Copenhagen Fashion Summit.

Have a great Sunday!

With love,




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