dinner with 0 waste

As I wrote on my last post, I am currently participating at the Youth Fashion Summit 2014. It was a great starting day experience, and I was impressed how much could be done in only 1 day of work. Well, it is a long process, which I hope will help finding solutions  in order to create a better future for the new generations to come, addressed to the fashion industry.


Anyway, after a long day of brainstorming, discussions, idea generation, workshops and amazing presentations, we went to have dinner at Rub & Stub. It is a cantina to combat food waste, and they focus on sustainability by having a nonprofit kitchen run by volunteers as part of the Association Retro.

The majority of the food from their menu are made from surplus goods from the food industry. It is a pretty new concept and space, with less than a year of existence.


They are constantly working with multiple manufacturers and supermarkets that donate food when they hold surplus products. Therefore, the menu changes from day to day, so that they can best utilize the products that come through the door.


They get the opportunity to put the industry’s surplus stocks to use for good restaurant experiences and ultimately to a very specific charity since that all the profits of the project is for the retros humanitarian development projects ( read more at http://www.foreningenretro.dk/ ).

It was a great experience for me to eat at Rub & Stub, so I wanted to share this amazing initiative with you. They serve both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food.


So whenever you have time and feel like trying out something new, you can always consider to go there. It is cosy, welcoming and the staff (volunteering workers) are friendly.



They are also constantly in need of new volunteers, so if you are interested, you should take a look at their web-page for more information :http://spisrubogstub.dk/

Make a difference, take actions 😉


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