Copenhagen Fashion Summit 2014

The past 3 days have been pretty intense for me! I have attended the Youth Fashion Summit, which has been one of the most amazing experiences during my studies. It made me reflect upon real facts and truth behind the fashion industry and as a conscious consumer, mother, citizen and future designer, it is my job to help create a more sustainable world for the future generation to come. If before I knew about sustainability, now I feel more than ready to take actions and make a difference. I learned a lot from more than 1,100 leading voices of the fashion industry including my fellow students; Knowledge that I will take with me forever and share with the world.

Reability groupAs the most polluting industry in the world, the fashion industry needs to change now! At the Youth Fashion Summit, we the next fashion generation, stated our voices and gave 7 demands to major fashion players, challenging them to act now and make a change.
I feel proud and excited to have had the chance and opportunity to be a part of Copenhagen Fashion Summit 2014, placed at Copenhagen Opera House. I feel happy to see that there are a lot of us who are willing to take the first steps toward a more sustainable world.


We are all aware that our human actions are affecting and impacting the world, socially and environmentally, but what are we actually doing about this? We need to stop over-consumption and slow down. I am looking forward to share with all of you the knowledge and information that I gained during the event in my further posts. By now I just want to share some pictures from the event, which was a great opportunity to network and meet inspiring people from all over the world.

Didder RønlundDidder Rønlund  (with more than 70 years as an active journalist, including more than 60 years as a fashion journalist) + Francesca Padoan ( Sustainable fashion student)connie nielsenConnie Nielsen ( Hollywood actress) + Manon  Bisgaard ( Sustainable fashion student)

me with SilasSilas Adler  – Designer and Co-founder of SOULLAND

sarahjay1Sarah Jay – Stylist from Canada ( Wearing Malin Landaeus)


pablo detailPaolo Vietti (assistant at David Andersen)

Marco- CEO bottega venetaMarco Bizarri ( President and CEO of Bottega Veneta)

Tate student

Tate- student Tat Chidzi ( Fashion student from Esmond Berlin)

picCecilie Thorsmark (Danish Fashion Institut)

marcMark Kenlytan ( Fashion Designer) streetstyle

Barbara i GonginiBarbara i Gongini  ( Fashion Designer)

inside opera houseViktorija Pupelyte , Eija Katriina & friend ( Sustainable Communication Student, Textile student)

10171253_10202884171056988_6185554945622799009_nAudience present at Opera House 

H&M concious collection

H&M conscious collection 2014H&M Concious Collection (exhibition at Copenhagen Fashion Summit)

lunch-organic foodOrganic food being served during the event




Pictures from the fashion show

You can also read more about what happened at Copenhagen Fashion Summit at:

I hope that you enjoyed the pictures 😉 Share with us your thoughts about what sustainability means to you.

With Love,


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