The Trends That Never Goes Out Of Fashion

Fast Fashion is unfortunately destroying the fashion industry and the planet we all live in! After the Copenhagen fashion Summit, my eyes have been more open and selective. People like Livia Firth inspired me to see that we all seems to be affected by over-consumption, obsession with cheap and the fast change of trends.

For those of you who can read Danish you can read an article about what Livia stated during the event  at:


It is not easy for us fashion lovers to suddenly change our perception to fashion and stop buying new things but there are off course better ways to do it. If we choose to buy quality over quantity, take good care of our clothes and don’t follow all sorts of trends we can slowly help making a change.

Today, unlike most fashion trends and statements that go in and out of style, animal print seems to be one that keeps popping up. It looks like for 2014 a couple of designers caught a bit of the jungle fever. Companies keep coming with different ways to incorporate it just like the brand Baum und Pferdgarten.

2d2c11e5d75095dbdda5145774d0478c You can find animal print on nearly everything and even items on a second hand store, which can still look trendy.

street style bag

Vanessa JackmanOutfit-40e

stockolm street styleleopard-print-zina-fashionvibe-paris-fashion-week

I want you to know that I am not convincing you to go and buy more clothes but to take a look at your own closet and see what you can find and take good advantage of it. But if you do feel like buy something new make sure that it is something durable that you truly like and that you are not just being a victim of fast fashion.

There are certainly other trends that never go out of style like for example:

  • Menswear inspired clothing (yeah that androgynous look, had been there since Coco Chanel popularized pants for women in the 1920s);
  • Minimalism (simple shapes, neutral colours, monochromatic, clean lines, functionality);
  • Flower prints (We all love mother nature and flower prints seems to be IN all the time);
  • Ladylike (We all have our feminine side when we feel like wearing that pretty black dress with a high heel right?)
  • Stripes (no matter where, there are always stripes);

I am not a crazy fan of animal print but I think that is great for adding emphasis to our everyday look and it works exceptionally well to get you noticed when you feel like going wild and make a statement.


Photographed by : Anders Aqqalu Andersen


So, rock your piece and own the jungle!

With love,


3 thoughts on “The Trends That Never Goes Out Of Fashion

  1. thank you for this great post. I love to go shopping, but I really try to get high quality items that last for a long time. And the trends are coming back, I’m combining new pieces with items I had in my closet for years and nobody notices that I got them a couple of years ago.

    I totally support this and think we should really try to wear the clothes more than once or twice and then throw them away!

    • Hi there, thanks a lot for your sweet comment and support. I totally agree with you! I am so happy to hear and see that there are people like you that supports the slow fashion movement. We need to take more use of what we already have in our wardrobe, and rethink before buying new pieces. It is such a addicting cycle to buy and buy all the time. I have been a victim myself of the fast fashion but I have made a decision to be more conscious about it and only purchase items that I truly need or that has value for me.

      Have a wonderful day.
      HYBRIDA (Noe)

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