About Noe

I am a girl from Cape Verde who is now living in Denmark. I graduated from Copenhagen school of Design and Technology in 2013 and I am currently studying Sustainable Fashion at KEA. I am an easy going person with an open mind and I have an adventurous spirit, I like to travel and discovering new cultures, places and to get to know people from different countries. Music, art, photography, fashion, travel and movies are some of my interests.

Summer bless

Hi there!

It had been some time since my last post…I had been busy with my internship among other things but I missed sharing my thoughts and moments with you.

So today I decided to share some pictures from one of my summer weekends in Denmark.

It is very common in here for people to spend their summer time in a Summer House, or Kolonihave. My husband’s family  have summer houses both in Rørvig and in Hald, so it is predictable that sometimes we go there for some cosy relaxing get away.

Coming from an island, makes me feel obviously “home” to spend my summer days by the sea/beach, so whenever we get the chance we spend our weekends outside Copenhagen.

A month ago, on our way to the summer house in Rørvig, Kasper and I spend one night at Nykøbing in Sjælland. It was such a relaxing city with such a beautiful harbour. Basicly a “fish city” surrounded by water. You can get delicious fresh fish and sea food everyday and enjoy the amazing panorama. As I love fish, it was so nice for me to be able to buy it fresh, just 10 minutes after it had been caught from the ocean 🙂 .

The night view from the city was also so beautiful as it was possible to clearly see the star and shooting stars while at the same time being surrounded by water.

Here are some pictures from my amazing weekend in Sjælland.














With love,


Dreaming of New York

Hey Folks! I am so excited about my internship in New York. I had never been in NY before, (only in my dreams like 100.000 times) but I just love the city! As Aman mentioned on her last post the city has an amazing energy flow where things are happening all the time, like if the city never sleeps.

As Alicia Keys said “I got a pocket full of dream Baby…” and for a dreamer like me, it feels right to say that New York is just the perfect place to be.

I know that there is a lot of talk about “living your dream “and that some people even think its nonsense. I of course believe in living my dreams! But when we think about “living our dreams”, we make the mistake of thinking that everything will be easy, or that there is no effort required in making your dreams come true. Well, that’s not always the case. I know for a fact that I will not be living the “Sex And The City” lifestyle for example… because of my low budget, but I will not let money discourage me because one of the most amazing things about life is that there are so many different ways of reaching your goal. As I mentioned on my last post, travelling can really open your eyes to many delightful things and it is somehow the only thing you can actually purchase that enriches you even more as you gain and cultivate knowledge from different cultures and from the world.

So let NY be an incentive for change! It will turn me upside down & shake all the change out of my pockets, both literally & symbolically but I will live it up to the last drop!

By now, I will leave you with some pictures from my outfit of the day inspired by NY urban lifestyle 😉








Photographer: Anders Andersen

Top: Cynthia Rowley

Vest: Le Grenier

Shorts: Booho

Shoes: Nike Air

Jacket: H&M

Necklace: H&M

With Love,




A trip down to San Francisco’s hills

After a long flight from Copenhagen (11 hours), we landed in the beautiful Bay Area with bright blue sky and sunny (not always like that). Hello San Francisco!

I stayed at the hotel Marriott Union Square at 480 Sutter Street which was 2 minutes walking to the city centre. I was living at the 21st floor so I had a nice view from my hotel room window.



I was there with Kasper but because he was there with work I had most of the daytime by myself. It was actually nice walking around enjoying the city.


The best part about any trip is the time we get to explore the amazing areas of a city. There’s nothing that makes me feel more alive and excited than discovering something new, getting to know new people and a new culture better. For me that is what travelling is about. It is somehow the only thing you can actually  purchase that enriches you even more as you gain and cultivate knowledge from different cultures and from the world. Somehow it really opens up your eyes for  many delightful things.




We spent 6 days out there and I got to see part of the city, shop and enjoy walking up and down the hills of San Francisco.

Some of my destinations were; walking through Chinatown, which it is the oldest and largest of its kind in North America; Took a ride on the city’s famous cable cars; visited the car cable museum; visited shopping malls and classic American shops like forever 21, Macy’s, DSW (the designer shoe land); tried amazing seafood and walked across the Golden Gate Bridge (the most iconic landmark in San Francisco).





















Unfortunately the Museum of Modern Art is closed for improvement and reconstruction, so I was not able to see some of the local art pieces from this museum. I also did not had the chance to visit the Alcatraz prison as I had to buy the ticket days in advance (I went there and the next tickets available were for 26th June), so whenever you going to San Francisco and would like to visit the prison, I recommend that you book or buy tickets in advance. It is also possible, if you are really lucky, to purchase tickets very early morning like 7:30, from people that had cancelled but I would not relay on that because the tickets are limited.

Overall, I had such a great time out there and I would definitely like to go back there again. The city has its charm and magic somehow.

What about you, where is your next destination?

With love,




Ni’mat spa at Copenhagen Airport – Hilton Hotel

Hi there! I am so excited because there is only 2 days left for my trip to San Francisco. I am going on vacation for a week and I just can’t wait! It will be my first time in US and it feels like a dream come true. Anyway, I will keep you guys updated from there with   pictures from the beautiful city.

Thinking about travelling and the stress from airports, something came across my mind…Last week I went to Ni’mat spa at the hotel Hilton in Copenhagen Airport and I had such an amazing experience the second I step my feet into the place.


As soon as you walk in the door, you feel the atmosphere: unspoiled calm, deep colours adorn the walls, Buddha figurines and relaxing music fills your ears. There was a completely quiet atmosphere that gives an emotional insight into Eastern mysticism inviting you to a complete treat of your body and soul.


There are many ways to spend our time at the airport but this is by far top of my list!The salt-water pool dominating the main room captures my attention – the copper floor reflecting through the water is bold and striking. Even though Ni’mat has Asian inspired interior, it’s presented with a very modern twist.




photo 1

photo 3
Speaking of modern twists, Ni’mat is also proud owner of The Golden Egg, exclusively Scandinavian which is the latest development promoting total relaxation and promises to transport you to a whole new private universe.

photo 4

photo 4

I have a few moments to enjoy the atmosphere before my treatment with a cup of tea just before my therapist for the day guided me for my foot treatment.


I had my feet exfoliated, massaged and thoroughly moisturised before we head to the treatment room for an hour-long body massage.

photo 2photo 1

Everything was so perfect and relaxing! After a wonderful relaxing body massage dishes of fresh fruit and champagne was waiting for me.








19 9


Ni’mat has so many kinds of massages and treatment, which are totally worth to try. For more information you can visit their website here:http://www.nimat.dk/

Try it out and share your experience with HYBRIDA girls.

Have a wonderful relaxing day!





Let jewellery picture her story

Let jewellery picture her story: An Interview with jewellery lover Joana Roxana

For Roxana, it all started as a hobby and as a way to express her own reality, but today she dreams of launching her first collection by the end of this year.

HYBRIDA girls love to see passionate people that enjoy doing what they love the most, because it is inspiring and it is important to support people like Roxana. We want to show the world that a dream does come true if you fight for it!

Today I’m delighted to share her story, her lovely handmade jewellery and passion for re-design of old pieces of jewellery.

So, are you ready to meet Joana?

Interview after the picture ;).


When did you start doing Jewelry?

In 2012, 1 year after I came to Denmark (I am from Romania). At the time I was studying management and it was not what I really enjoyed doing, so whenever I had some spare time I would do drawings, painting…so I started drawing jewellery. At that time I did not see it as something that would grow on me.


How is your design process?

I gather old pieces of jewellery from second-hand shops, fairs from different countries, and I purchase old pieces of jewellery that inspires me.

I try to look at other people’s work and get inspired with different techniques and afterwards I redesign the jewellery in my own way using various techniques.


What inspires you?

Everything that surrounds me inspires me. But something that inspires me the most is nature and Frida Kahlo.


Who does your jewellery appeal to?
A feminine, girly, and elegant person who loves nature, children, animals, and is romantic. Someone who has an inner beauty inside her and she wants to show it to the world in different ways – and a piece of jewellery is one of them.


What is your favourite piece of jewellery?

It is a necklace made out of an old bracelet, which was a gift from my grandmother back when I was only 18. It broke and I felt sorry about it so I decided to give it a new life and re-design it. The chain of the necklace is a silver chain, which was a gift from my mother… The pearls were purchased from a vintage fair. So I’m kind of wearing 3 generations of my family here! I feel strongly attached to this piece because it’s nostalgic and it brings me back good memories. It is a special piece that I connect to.


Future plans?

By the end of this year I have a plan to start up a collection of statement necklaces using the Macramé technique. The Macramé technique is method where you make knots in a cord.

One of the main core values is quality so I will try to incorporate that into my designs by creating something rustic, simple – but unique.


Any idea for the brand name?

I’m not a hundred percent sure but it will probably be something like Joy Chic because my pieces are joyful and chic at the same time – those two words represent me and are also in my own core values.







With Love,



All photos belong to HYBRIDA BLOG. Please credit accordingly when re-posting.

Copenhagen Street Food

Hi there!

The other day I went with a friend of mine to an International street food space here in Copenhagen, where they also promote sustainability.

The name is Copenhagen Street Food, and here you can be served healthy fast food for little money ( a meal for at least 50 dkk)

It is such a cosy place, located at a calm area near the harbour with such a beautiful view and panorama .

view from the habour


view to the other side
Inspired by the vibrant Borough Market in London and the west coast city of Portland in the U.S., where  food stands are part of the street scene,The space was created to help promoting the global street food cuisine with a focus on quality and sustainability.




With its only  2 months existence, the  place is already making a good impression with their huge range of colourful food market for the people that lives in the centre of Copenhagen with an amazing view to Copenhagen Operahouse and the Royal Playhouse.

The market is for everybody and you can find food from many countries like: Cuba, Spain, Italy, Mexico, France etc. In some of the stands it is possible to pay with both cash and cards in others only cash, so make sure that you have some money with you just in case.














I tried some fish & chips which was absolutely delicious! I can’t wait to go there again.

 Here is the address and opening hours. Make sure to stop by one day and share with HYBRIDA girls your thoughts about the food and place.

Copenhagen Street Food
Papirøen/The Paper Island
Warehouse 7 & 8
Trangravsvej 14, 1436 Copenhagen K


Opening hours
Wednesday & Thursday: 10.00-24.00
Friday & Saturday: 10.00-24.00/02.00
Sunday: 10.00-22.00

Copenhagen Street Food is closed Monday & Tuesday
For more information you can access their official website at :





Under a Veil

Today I am super happy to share these new images with you guys as it’s a shooting that I wanted to do for a very long time.

Well, now it is no secret that I’m a huge lover of fascinator hats, masks and headpiece veils. I think that it adds mystery and personality to your outfit.


I love when I see people wearing fascinator hats, there’s something so incredibly elegant about it that it makes you stand out, no matter how simple is your outfit.


With the wedding season coming up, that is a great excuse, as a wedding guest, to pull together your beautiful veil or headpiece to ensure you get your look spot on!






 Dress : ASOS Petite

Earrings : Swarovski

Shoes: Jimmy Choo

Headpiece: ASOS Garden Veil Headpiece

Handbag: Own design ( by Noelia Fonseca)

Here are 2 more pictures from a Wedding that I attended back in 2011 where I am rocking one of my first facinator hat 😉



Let me know  what do you think about fascinator hats or headpieces in general.

Here are a selection of where you can get a fascinator hat:





With love,





Daily looks

Hi guys, it is such a beautiful and sunny weather outside 😉 so let’s enjoy it!
For today I put together 3 basic looks to inspire you to create weekend looks for this amazing weather.

I hope you like them.

Have a wonderful day,


the daily find

Vero Moda shirts blouse
200 DKK – veromoda.com

H M white top
140 DKK – hm.com

Topshop short shorts
305 DKK – topshop.com

Birkenstock white shoes
415 DKK – riverisland.com

Black backpack
1.475 DKK – grafea.co.uk

Monki retro sunglasses
75 DKK – monki.com

Tech accessory
135 DKK – karmaloop.com

Bobbi Brown Cosmetics lips makeup
465 DKK – bobbibrowncosmetics.com

Rodin Olio Lusso body moisturizer
435 DKK – lagarconne.com
Look of the day


Mango linen blend shirt
275 DKK – mango.com

Cosabella lace wireless bra
285 DKK – cosabella.com

Topshop short shorts
140 DKK – topshop.com

Zara black flat shoes
325 DKK – zara.com

American Apparel black handbag
105 DKK – asos.com

Narciso Rodriguez perfume fragrance
575 DKK – bloomingdales.com

casual sporty look


McQ by Alexander McQueen no sleeve shirt
2.700 DKK – net-a-porter.com

Monki highwaisted denim shorts
225 DKK – monki.com

River Island black bikini swimsuit
150 DKK – riverisland.com

Converse leather trainers
505 DKK – kurtgeiger.com

Monki shopper handbag
125 DKK – asos.com

Aéropostale green jewelry
76 DKK – aeropostale.com

Black round sunglasses
310 DKK – moreislove.com

ELLE Style Awards 2014

Hi everyone!

Last night I had the chance to be at ELLE Style Awards 2014, which took place in Concert Hall in DR City.

It was such a glamorous evening with a lot of stylish and talented people. I did not know what to wear for such an event, so i had decided to design and sew my own dress.



There were so many nominees and prizes that I won’t be able to make a review of all of them today  but on my next post I will let you know in more details about what my thoughts are about each winner.  For now, just a short review of what happened and off course a lot of pictures to get you into the mood of the ELLE style Awards.


  The evening’s final price, the honour  price was awarded to the designer Jørgen Nørgaard, for its efforts in Danish fashion since 1958, where he opened his first store; Nørgaard on Strøget.

For this year’s ceremony was further awarded 15 prices. For example, in the categories Designer of the Year, this year’s fashion brand and as something new this year CSR price.

Designer of the Year went to the designer duo from Baum und Pferdgarten, Helle Hestehave and Rikke Baumgarten, while Ganni won the Brand for his recognizable universe, and H & M Conscious Exclusive Collection 2013 won the CSR Award.

Here are some pictures of the evening event:




Me and the singer Christopher Niessen



sarah bojesen-stylist

Sarah Bojensen- stylist


beauty headpiece

lowback detail


me and fran



What you think about my style?

With love,


Colombian treasure

Hey guys! Today I want to share with you this amazing collection pieces from a young Colombian designer.

Miguel Mesa Posada is only 19, but he is already creating amazing pieces. He is currently at his fifth semester studying Fashion Design at the Colombian Medellin Tuition and recently just launched his first collection called Potosi.

Potosi means uncountable wealth, and is also the name of the Bolivian city that hosted the richest silver mine in the world during the colonial times .

I am truly amazed with his creativity and capability to work with textiles. It is so inspiring!


Miguel’s collection speaks of mining excavations as a metaphor of scars, where the ” Geology” covers fibre and healthy mining lacerations of Mixed America. “We are all children , and where the real wealth of our continent is not present in metallic treasures, but in the way we live and work in community.”

The quilt-like patterns that make up Miguel Mesa Posada’s Potosi collection are made out of recycled fibers. An interesting choice of material, the designer reveals, “I home-dyed over 40 colours of a textile cotton waste and used PET to generate the headpieces.”


The texture of this collection is built by way of geological strata with unbleached cotton yarn – textile industrial waste warp hand – dyed paper and paper overlaid . In the paper patterns yarns as he placed the body part had wanted color, and then a design drawn lines on paper , I realized assembly. Finally he made holes ( similar to the methods of digging in opencast mining ) that showed the ” fabric ” behind the paper , as a metaphor of mining. Accessories that he built were made ​​from PET fiber having nothing metal and hand were agglomerated .
Miguel Mesa Posada

Here is a short interview with Miguel:


How and when Potasi was born?

Potosi – born in June 2013 , when I went to the Young Artists Workshop , just finishing my third semester of Fashion Design, with the aim of presenting my first collection , along with the other lines of students of the workshop on the catwalk the same name in Colombia Moda .

Potosi-Verde-trendland‘I understand that you are studying , what you hope to do once you finish your studies ?

I will graduate in 2015, and would like to specialize in textiles and craftsmanship of my country.

Where can we find your clothes? Are they for sale?

-Currently working on order, because the garments are constructed manually and complexity makes each piece to fit. You can contact me at miguelmesaposada@gmail.com


What are your future plans?

I plan to continue to generate reflections on America of which I am the son; speculate how life would have been in my country without the colonization process; how I should live a mixed life; how to prevent last despise Amerindian and produce is locally sourced conceptual pieces with a global speculative stroke.



I hope that you like his work, as much as I do 😉 Innovative designers like him, needs recognition and support.