Roskilde Festival 2014

Hello my great people!

I have been missing the blog like crazy, but as you know, lately I took some days off for myself in order to attend Roskilde Festival in Denmark and I gotta say: DAMN, IT WAS GREAT!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

It is almost a tradition for some Danes to attend this amazing musical experience every year and I have been waiting for 7 years to finally do it, but it was totally worth it! Some of my favourite bands and artists were performing (Emicida -from Brazil-, Major Lazer, Drake..oh wait..) and I had the pleasure to go with my homies: Thomas, William, Aman, Moe and Caroline, who helped the camp experience to be amazing!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIMG_3250

The greatest thing about Roskilde are the details, the organisation and the mood. The many lounges and volunteers areas are great and very cozy when you need a rest.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

It also makes a great experience to be aloud to wear whatever you want and in our album on Facebook you can see the most stylish people who have been there. Enjoy it and feel free to tag your friends and/or yourself 🙂

Love, Mari.

Zara summer sales

Hey guys,

If you live in Copenhagen, you certainly know that EVERY store is on sales now, right? Well, as a Zara employee, I have been keeping an eye on the items that I wanted from a certain time until now, so it is finally time to shop them! Here are my personal favorites 😉 Sales must haves

Tourist-ing around town

Hey guys!

It has been a while, hope you are enjoying the sun out there, well, I am 🙂

So my mother-in-law-to-be came all the way from Brazil to visit us. I guess she did not want to be around the World Cup Buzz, so Copenhagen must feel like a great place to escape! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

It is quite a pleasure having family and friends visiting us, since we only go back home once a year and sometimes it almost feels like we´re too far away and distant, both physically and emotionally, from all the ones we love, so I am very excited to have her here and soon some of our argentinian and german friends as well!

This saturday we decided to take her for a little tour around town, yes, I know, very turistic, but we will get to the most secret spots later on. First things, first! This is the outfit I chose to go and it felt amazing being able to use a backless shirt, with the wind blowing my skirt and hair, I don´t want summer to ever end! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

How are you using your summertime?

Love, Mari.

Outfit of the day – Stockholm

Hey guys,

So 2 days ago I went for a short visit to Stockholm and I wanted to share with you what I chose to use. The day was simply amazing, then I decided that it was about time to take one of my dresses for a walk in this amazing town 😉


Dress – Ganni

Shoes – Ganni

Bag – Ganni

Sunglasses – Zara

Mariana´s Creations

Hey guys & girls!

Well, here are some of my designs which I have made during the last months, I wish I had more time to do even more, I just love sewing SO MUCH!

I have originally made the boy´s clothes (sweat-jumpsuit, dyed tee and fake-leather jacket) and the girl´s floral set + white top just for fun, for me, my boyfriend and his brother (who, by the way is the model. Girls, he is single!) but I thought they looked pretty decent, so I have made a little photo shoot to include in my portfolio.


Have a great sunday, ya´ll!

Cph Street Style

Hello pretty people!

Hope you all had great holidays, I am a little bit sad that it is coming to an end, but also quite happy that the sunnier days are coming stronger.

I have been lately walking around the different neighbourhoods in Copenhagen and noticed many people with lots of cool outfits and personalities, so I decided to snap every one of them (the ones that allow me, of course) so you can also get inspired.

Ladies & gentleman, I present you the first of a series of the most stylish people in Copenhagen!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMai, student. Nørrebro

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADario, tattooer. The Old Barber Shop


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABoy at Cph Central Station

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGirl at Cph Central Station


Have a great end of holidays ya´ll!


Easter in Copenhagen – what to do?

Thanks God It´s Saturday!

Weekend is here, there is a whole holiday week coming in and…what to do if you are on a short budget or not planning to travel out of Copenhagen? Well, so are we! Join us and let´s take a trip on some tips of what do.

If you, like us, are into some serious (and unexpensive) shopping, then you should for sure visit the CPH Fashion Outlet at Øksnehalen. It is going to happen today and tomorrow from 10-17 and there is free entrance! So hurry up and click on the picture in order to get your free pass-ticket.Screen Shot 2014-04-11 at 11.09.37 AM

As a good Brazilian who appreciates all forms of art, I became extremely happy when I got to know that the Film Festival CPH PIX was having a whole week with new Brazilian movies. Personally, I want to watch “Praia do Futuro”, but all the other titles seem just as exciting, so if you tired of the Hollywood comedies and want to try something new, go for it.Screen Shot 2014-04-11 at 11.26.51 AM

Just want to take a walk in the city and get a little lost? Well, then you should go to Jægersborggade. This might be one of the sweetest streets in Cph. Filled with all sorts of shops, from trendy cafes and restaurants to designed and handmade crafts, you will for sure find something to do in there. Just grabbing a cup of coffee and going to the cemetery/park by the side of it is one of the coziest things to do on lazy Sundays.jaegersborggade_ty_stangePicture from Visit Copenhagen

“Life is short, don´t be content with the ordinary, go extraordinary” So says the owners at 1105, one of the coolest cocktail bars we have been lately. Make sure you order a Cucumber Yum-yum with the DM-winner Hardeep Reehal and you will have your night´s highlight! Prices are a little over student-budgets, but totally worth it!4749403-llPicture from AOK

Let us know if have been to any of these places and what you thought of it or what your plans are for Easter Holidays!

Enjoy the weekend!


Monochrome outfit

Monochrome is certainly at its best moment! We have observed it trickle down from runways to celebrities to street style to accessories and even into interior designs. It seams that fashion has embraced black and white colours this season! It comes in patterns, geometric blocks, motifs and strips, but definitely not retro. All in a modern and stylish way.

I am so much in love with White colour at the moment that I wish that my whole wardrobe were white. But the colour itself can come across as a bit sterile and plane, so to spice it up and bring the outfit into life, you can accessorize the look with black and white items, fun sunglasses, a bold colour or with a black shoe or bag.

I also love the idea of mixing patterns in an outfit, but when doing it, make sure that you don’t over do it.

I have put together a monochrome outfit to illustrate how I would wear it.


sportylook4 sportylook3






If you have monochrome colours in your wardrobe, pick them for your next outfit and don’t dare to acessorize them in a modern and fun way. But If you don’t, then well I guess this should be your colours when heading to the store;)

Happy friday!


Saturday Meet up

Hi everyone!

So yesterday we had the pleasure to meet the Greek fashion blogger Eirini from Fashion Reactor.
She just moved to Denmark and we wanted to introduce her to some of the places we find cozy here in Copenhagen!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
One of those places is the food market Torvehallerne. We went there and walked around, then ordered some amazing rum & chocolate roll and rhubarb tart with tea at one of the cafes.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
Eirini is getting to discover the city, so if you have any tips for her, don´t be shy and check out her blog!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
Have a great sunday and a good start of the week!

Toronto street style – Fashion

Hey there!

It had been a while since my last post. Well, that is because I have been really busy! I was  participating at a charrete (kind of workshop) for The Institute Without Boundaries at George Brown college in  Toronto.

During my stay, I could not miss out the opportunity to check out on the street style, fashion bloggers and stores at the city.

One of my favourite places to shop was Eaton Centre and Winners where you can find designers brand from all over the world but mainly American brands. Although I did not had much time to shop or go around.

Here are some snapshots from Toronto:


Nicue – Chinese girl at Eaton Centre



DSC_0243Toronto street style

Toronto street style

Toronto street style1766

Toronto street style

Toronto street style

Toronto street style

And for who has never heard about the Beckerman bloggers from Toronto, here is a picture of the twins : They are just amazing and so playful with their style. I love it!




Michael Kors boots at Browns ( Eaton Centre)


Hudson’s Bay company – the oldest fashion label from Canada

So, what do you think about Toronto street style?

With Love,