The only beach towel you will ever need!

What up boys & girls!

Here I am again and this time to let you know of the only thing you will (probably) need during this sumer! You might be thinking a new outfit or shoes or perfume..well, even though I study fashion design, that is not what I consider quite important during this season. Because of the fact that I come from a quite tropical country, the most important for me would be to feel comfortable while by the beach, which is where I will be spending most of my time 🙂OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Not a long time ago I got to know about this amazing beach towel designed by the sweetest guys in San Diego. But what is so special about a beach towel, Mariana? You might be thinking, huh… I bet you at some point had to improvise a little pillow (made out of clothes, backpacks and the most crazy shit) in order to lay down by the sand and not feel pain by the end of the day! Well, it always happened to me, but Bruno, Brandon and Steve thought of a towel that comes with a light pillow inside, so you can easily carry everywhere you go with no extra weight!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Not only that, but the towel is eco-friendly and made out if 100% turkish cotton, which makes it extra-comfy.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I could not wait to test mine and here you can see the infinite ways you can use it. Beach towel, sarong, turban, headband, you name it!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

If you want to help out this amazing guys by backing up the project, run to see their campaign and pre-order your Sand Cloud towel, I am sure you will love it ❤

Love, Mari.

Copenhagen Street Food

Hi there!

The other day I went with a friend of mine to an International street food space here in Copenhagen, where they also promote sustainability.

The name is Copenhagen Street Food, and here you can be served healthy fast food for little money ( a meal for at least 50 dkk)

It is such a cosy place, located at a calm area near the harbour with such a beautiful view and panorama .

view from the habour


view to the other side
Inspired by the vibrant Borough Market in London and the west coast city of Portland in the U.S., where  food stands are part of the street scene,The space was created to help promoting the global street food cuisine with a focus on quality and sustainability.




With its only  2 months existence, the  place is already making a good impression with their huge range of colourful food market for the people that lives in the centre of Copenhagen with an amazing view to Copenhagen Operahouse and the Royal Playhouse.

The market is for everybody and you can find food from many countries like: Cuba, Spain, Italy, Mexico, France etc. In some of the stands it is possible to pay with both cash and cards in others only cash, so make sure that you have some money with you just in case.














I tried some fish & chips which was absolutely delicious! I can’t wait to go there again.

 Here is the address and opening hours. Make sure to stop by one day and share with HYBRIDA girls your thoughts about the food and place.

Copenhagen Street Food
Papirøen/The Paper Island
Warehouse 7 & 8
Trangravsvej 14, 1436 Copenhagen K


Opening hours
Wednesday & Thursday: 10.00-24.00
Friday & Saturday: 10.00-24.00/02.00
Sunday: 10.00-22.00

Copenhagen Street Food is closed Monday & Tuesday
For more information you can access their official website at :




Colombian treasure

Hey guys! Today I want to share with you this amazing collection pieces from a young Colombian designer.

Miguel Mesa Posada is only 19, but he is already creating amazing pieces. He is currently at his fifth semester studying Fashion Design at the Colombian Medellin Tuition and recently just launched his first collection called Potosi.

Potosi means uncountable wealth, and is also the name of the Bolivian city that hosted the richest silver mine in the world during the colonial times .

I am truly amazed with his creativity and capability to work with textiles. It is so inspiring!


Miguel’s collection speaks of mining excavations as a metaphor of scars, where the ” Geology” covers fibre and healthy mining lacerations of Mixed America. “We are all children , and where the real wealth of our continent is not present in metallic treasures, but in the way we live and work in community.”

The quilt-like patterns that make up Miguel Mesa Posada’s Potosi collection are made out of recycled fibers. An interesting choice of material, the designer reveals, “I home-dyed over 40 colours of a textile cotton waste and used PET to generate the headpieces.”


The texture of this collection is built by way of geological strata with unbleached cotton yarn – textile industrial waste warp hand – dyed paper and paper overlaid . In the paper patterns yarns as he placed the body part had wanted color, and then a design drawn lines on paper , I realized assembly. Finally he made holes ( similar to the methods of digging in opencast mining ) that showed the ” fabric ” behind the paper , as a metaphor of mining. Accessories that he built were made ​​from PET fiber having nothing metal and hand were agglomerated .
Miguel Mesa Posada

Here is a short interview with Miguel:


How and when Potasi was born?

Potosi – born in June 2013 , when I went to the Young Artists Workshop , just finishing my third semester of Fashion Design, with the aim of presenting my first collection , along with the other lines of students of the workshop on the catwalk the same name in Colombia Moda .

Potosi-Verde-trendland‘I understand that you are studying , what you hope to do once you finish your studies ?

I will graduate in 2015, and would like to specialize in textiles and craftsmanship of my country.

Where can we find your clothes? Are they for sale?

-Currently working on order, because the garments are constructed manually and complexity makes each piece to fit. You can contact me at


What are your future plans?

I plan to continue to generate reflections on America of which I am the son; speculate how life would have been in my country without the colonization process; how I should live a mixed life; how to prevent last despise Amerindian and produce is locally sourced conceptual pieces with a global speculative stroke.



I hope that you like his work, as much as I do 😉 Innovative designers like him, needs recognition and support.






Simplification is the topic of the school exam paper that Hybrida bloggers are actually working with right now. So I am actually quite busy with my exam and writing about this concept.

Anyway I got inspired by the topic and I wanted to write a post about simplicity and about how complex it can be to make things simpler.

We are all overwhelmed by consumerism and sobered by the economy, that makes me question: What does a more balanced and sustainable way of living look like?


We live in times when super-busy schedules have become something to boast about. While the speed of life increases, there is less and less time to enjoy the moment that you are in. The ability to appreciate the moment, the environment and yourself in it, is the base  towards long term happiness of any human being.

Simplicity is not about living in poverty; it is about living with balance, however there are no rules or recipes with all the answers upon  how to build a sustainable lifestyle.

What does a more balanced and sustainable way of living look like? – See more at:
What does a more balanced and sustainable way of living look like? – See more at:
What does a more balanced and sustainable way of living look like? – See more at:
What does a more balanced and sustainable way of living look like? – See more at:

It is nice to see that more and more citizens are embracing the less-is-more philosophy of “voluntary simplicity,” trading possession obsession for personal fulfilment.

It is time for our  generation to invent cool lifestyles for living just like Gandhi believed in a life of simplicity and self-sufficiency.


This kind of simplicity that I am talking about “works” when you choose a lifestyle that fits you and your values and is based on the things that are the most important to YOU.

So,I believe that the “magic secret” is a balance of consistency, moderation, and flexibility, and the goal should be a lifestyle that is based on happiness, joy, love, excitement and fulfilling.

There is nothing wrong or negative about  LIVING your life instead of just existing day to day!


Start noticing what makes you happy every day; be happy, enjoy every moment of your life.

With Love,




Menswear for Armoire d`Homme

Hey ya´ll!

As you have seen on our post yesterday, we are now done with our school projects (wohoo!!!) and are able to show you what we have been doing the past few weeks.

Noe was working on her design solution for the Danish brand Soulland, while me (Mari) and Aman were working on ours for a fairly new brand called Armoire d´Homme (which is French and means “the man´s wardrobe”). It is a very classic brand and that is why I decided to create a whole suit for them.

I have never created something so difficult in my life but the presentations were great, the brands liked our design ideas and I hope you will like the result, let me know what you think 😉

IMG_3050Backstage Mariana for Armoire d´Homme

10264676_10152354904277435_9116448927222321371_nFinal photoshoot

Kisses, Mari.

Menswear for Soulland

Hi there!

I have been so busy working on a school project where I had to design a mini collection focused on Sustainability for the brand SOULLAND. I challenged myself to design menswear for the first time. It was actually fun not only designing but also sewing the garments myself.

Inspirational moodboard from Noelia Fonseca on Vimeo.


My concept was to introduce a limited edition seasonless collection created from pre consumer waste and a collaboration with young upcoming designers. The clothes can be worn by both man and women who likes an androgynous look.

Morten Germund

Morten Germund

Morten GermundPhotographer: Morten Germund

Designer : Noelia Fonseca

Photoshoot Backstage from Noelia Fonseca on Vimeo.



Let me know what do you think about my designs and please give me feedback so that i can become a better designer for you 😉
With Love,


Tailoring from inside

Hey everyone!

Today´s post will be slightly shorter but has tons of hard work going into it!

Lately me and the girls have been working on our school projects and I decided to go for a tailoring suit. There is so much behind it and I am so excited to see my final product done, so I can´t wait to show you! IMG_3033 IMG_3034Here is a little taste of what it is going to look like and as we have been talking about sustainability lately, I can only say that tailor-made garments are some of the most sustainable ways of purchasing clothing, since you choose the materials, colours and it is hand-made, it becomes an item of very high quality. Not to say you will want to keep a product specially made for you forever!

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Love, Mari.