Let jewellery picture her story

Let jewellery picture her story: An Interview with jewellery lover Joana Roxana

For Roxana, it all started as a hobby and as a way to express her own reality, but today she dreams of launching her first collection by the end of this year.

HYBRIDA girls love to see passionate people that enjoy doing what they love the most, because it is inspiring and it is important to support people like Roxana. We want to show the world that a dream does come true if you fight for it!

Today I’m delighted to share her story, her lovely handmade jewellery and passion for re-design of old pieces of jewellery.

So, are you ready to meet Joana?

Interview after the picture ;).


When did you start doing Jewelry?

In 2012, 1 year after I came to Denmark (I am from Romania). At the time I was studying management and it was not what I really enjoyed doing, so whenever I had some spare time I would do drawings, painting…so I started drawing jewellery. At that time I did not see it as something that would grow on me.


How is your design process?

I gather old pieces of jewellery from second-hand shops, fairs from different countries, and I purchase old pieces of jewellery that inspires me.

I try to look at other people’s work and get inspired with different techniques and afterwards I redesign the jewellery in my own way using various techniques.


What inspires you?

Everything that surrounds me inspires me. But something that inspires me the most is nature and Frida Kahlo.


Who does your jewellery appeal to?
A feminine, girly, and elegant person who loves nature, children, animals, and is romantic. Someone who has an inner beauty inside her and she wants to show it to the world in different ways – and a piece of jewellery is one of them.


What is your favourite piece of jewellery?

It is a necklace made out of an old bracelet, which was a gift from my grandmother back when I was only 18. It broke and I felt sorry about it so I decided to give it a new life and re-design it. The chain of the necklace is a silver chain, which was a gift from my mother… The pearls were purchased from a vintage fair. So I’m kind of wearing 3 generations of my family here! I feel strongly attached to this piece because it’s nostalgic and it brings me back good memories. It is a special piece that I connect to.


Future plans?

By the end of this year I have a plan to start up a collection of statement necklaces using the Macramé technique. The Macramé technique is method where you make knots in a cord.

One of the main core values is quality so I will try to incorporate that into my designs by creating something rustic, simple – but unique.


Any idea for the brand name?

I’m not a hundred percent sure but it will probably be something like Joy Chic because my pieces are joyful and chic at the same time – those two words represent me and are also in my own core values.







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A bite of Rome

Hi everyone!
I am enjoying Rome to the fullest with my good friend Heidi. We are walking around the whole city and eating lots of delicious food such as cheese, meat, salads, pizza, pasta and wine! 😉
Here are some snaps from my iPhone 🙂

I don’t have y computer with me so I will show you much more pictures on my next post! 😉
Have a good day.

Parisian memories

Hi everyone.

Easter holidays are here! How exciting is that 😉 I am going to travel to Rome in next week with a friend of mine, and I am SO excited. I have never been there before so I can not wait to see what Rome has to offer 😉 Let me know if you have any tips 🙂

In 2012, I was in Paris with my classmates around easter. It was such an amazing trip 😉 I have gathered some pictures from the trip – feel like going back to Paris RIGHT now when I look at the pictures. I love the atmosphere and energy in the city…


Happy sunday!



Cool outfit for next shopping?

What up pretty people!

So on the weekend me and the girls when out for a little tour in town and noticed that some of the shops around are starting to get their mid-season sales on. I personally felt in love with this outfit from H&M, since I am a huge fan of crop tops and high waisted bottoms. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Since trench coats are becoming a big deal, I thought this could be a good opportunity to incorporate them without acting too pretentious.

I hope you liked this as much as I did, what are your latest shopping obsessions?






Birthday bash

Hi guys!

Well, it was my birthday last month, the 15th of february to be exact 😉 I turned 24 years old, and I think time is really passing by so fast! It is actually a bit scary, because it feels like it was only a few months ago I turned 23.

But, i had an amazing day. It started out by a lovely breakfast with my family, and afterwards I met up with my big brother and his girlfriend in the city, where we went to Nimb Terrace which is inside of Tivoli. They have an amazing luxurious cake buffet, and since I have a sweet tooth, it was definitely the highlight of my day. I had too much cake but it was all worth it. You can judge from the pictures yourself 😉


After my amazing cake experience, I had dinner with my friends and we ended up going out and dancing the whole night! 🙂




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