Maikel Tawadros SS15

Hi guys!

We have all been so busy because of Copenhagen Fashion Week – it went by so fast!

I have been doing my internship at the amazing designer Maikel Tawadros who is based here in Copenhagen, and I have had the best time I could ever imagine. He had his fashion show last tuesday at City Hall where he showed his Spring/Summer 2015 collection. He was inspired by baseball uniforms so elements were brought into his pieces like laces, round silhouettes and different materials combined together to create a more interesting look accompanied with baseball gear covered in fur.

I will show you some pictures from his look book, my favorite looks from the catwalk and other snaps from my time there. You can check out the whole collection at

SS15 look book

SS15 look book

SS15 look book

SS15 look book

MT runway1MT runway2IMG_5214   IMG_5217Skærmbillede 2014-08-11 kl. 13.18.46

Skærmbillede 2014-08-11 kl. 13.18.13

Maikel Tawadros at CIFF

Maikel Tawadros at CIFF

Maikel and me at CIFF

Maikel and me at CIFF



Remember to check out his facebook page to keep updated 😉

Dress by Maikel Tawadros

Dress by Maikel Tawadros



Second-hand clothes and sustainability

Recycling and your favourite clothes are the most sustainable because a long life of each piece of clothing is the best way to a more environmentally friendly wardrobe.

I am working as a volunteer at a second hand charity store called LOOP. The shop is nonprofit and part of the Folkekirkens Nødhælp organization that helps poor people/kids in different countries around the world.

South Sudan Violence

The name LOOP comes from the recycle concept, where the intention is to get a second life and “another go” for the clothes available in the store.

The shop is for all of you who love recycling – and want to do it the ‘cool way’. At LOOP you can create your own unique look from the stores collection of specially selected, high-quality, designer – and always previously owned – clothes.


All the pieces are donated, and the variety of the styles, sizes, and brands vary a lot and creates an eclectic universe. The interior design and visual merchandising of the shop are also different from the other stores from the same organization, to highlight that this store is special with its focus on selected pieces of clothes.

The picture above was taking during the process of opening the store.

We are always looking for volunteers who would like to work closely and actively with us. Right now we especially need creative people that wish to work on a up-cycling project, where we will re-design some of the donated pieces, which with a twist or modification can become even more cool, fun, or a completely new design. We believe that this project can be very interesting for those who are interested in purchasing a valuable piece with a lot of thoughts behind.

LOOP is located in the heart of Copenhagen, at Fiolstræde 28. Come by one day when you are in the neighbourhood – I am sure that you will find something and enjoy the atmosphere in the store!

1453462_582446108471824_940153975_n 1474617_582445841805184_486277430_n 1507740_590774337639001_463850023_n

Recently, the “Green Think Tank” Concito and a report on “Fashion Sustainability in 2013” from the accounting firm Deloitte has mentioned the Nordic record in clothing consumption.

Danes spend on average 35 percent more clothing than the world average, and we have the highest consumption within the Nordic countries. The consumption has also increased by 20 percent since 2000. Every Dane consumes on average 16 kg of clothes per year, corresponding to 16 pairs of trousers or 64 T-shirts. From an environmental perspective we have to consider that production of 16 pairs of pants requires 58,000 liters of water, equal to 1200 showers, and clothing consumption emits more greenhouse gases than our regular residential electricity consumption.

If you are into the recycling and want to take action to make a  change, here are other ways you can do it:

Dress swap -> Resecond in Nørrebro, where you can get a dress for a dress. Resecond do not have customers, but members.

Trendsales is the largest fashion bazaar with the purchase, sale and exchange of brand name and designer goods.

Share Your Closet is an online lending exchange. Here you can upload pictures of your own clothes that you want to share with the community. When it gets loaned out, earn borrow clips that you use to subsequently borrow clothes.

On Swapmok you can find new clothes, but instead of paying with money, you pay with your own or your children’s used clothing.

What about you, what do you think about second-hand stores and re-cycling? Share your thoughts with us!