Monochrome outfit

Monochrome is certainly at its best moment! We have observed it trickle down from runways to celebrities to street style to accessories and even into interior designs. It seams that fashion has embraced black and white colours this season! It comes in patterns, geometric blocks, motifs and strips, but definitely not retro. All in a modern and stylish way.

I am so much in love with White colour at the moment that I wish that my whole wardrobe were white. But the colour itself can come across as a bit sterile and plane, so to spice it up and bring the outfit into life, you can accessorize the look with black and white items, fun sunglasses, a bold colour or with a black shoe or bag.

I also love the idea of mixing patterns in an outfit, but when doing it, make sure that you don’t over do it.

I have put together a monochrome outfit to illustrate how I would wear it.


sportylook4 sportylook3






If you have monochrome colours in your wardrobe, pick them for your next outfit and don’t dare to acessorize them in a modern and fun way. But If you don’t, then well I guess this should be your colours when heading to the store;)

Happy friday!


Sneakers! A comfortable but yet stylish statement!

After years of women going along with extremely high heels, fashion sneakers have became a huge trend this spring.This comfortable, ­yet stylish, footwear is dominating – even in the runways!


Personally, I am not a slave of trends and neithter do I let trends rule what I should buy or wear because I believe that if you want to have your own personal style and identity you should not let other people decide for you. But you can of course get inspired and inspire other people in order for them to find their own style. You should always wear or do what you like and feel comfortable with it. J

When it comes to wearing sneakers, I see more than just a trend. I see a whole community that wants to make a statement. A comfortable but yet stylish statement! Women who have a busy lifestyle, have places to go, tight schedule, things to do and would prefer to feel comfortable rather than to please others. It is all about personality and lifestyle. It is all about attitude and the mentality of our current society.

You see women of all ages opting for comfortable sneakers, mixing fashion outfits or even sophisticated and high-end brands kicked off with a pair of Nike running shoes or New Balance among other brands. I see a shift towards functional, easy and comfortable shoes and as New Balance marketing director Graham Dickens says ‘Sneaker culture has been embraced by the fashion community’.

To get you inspired and into the “confi” mood, I have selected some amazing sneakers, specially for you Hybrida girls 😉

sneakers collage - Hybrida1

sneakers collage - Hybrida3


sneakerscollage - hybrida6

sneakers collage - Hybrida10

sneakers collage - Hybrida8

sneakers collage - Hybrida2

sneakers collage - Hybrida4

sneakers collage- Hybrida9

sneakers collage - Hybrida5

sneakers collage - Hybrida7

Noe's design - Hybrida

New Balance 574 – Classic is New from GDW on Vimeo.

Remember that no matter what you wear, always be yourself and be happy!

With love,