The only beach towel you will ever need!

What up boys & girls!

Here I am again and this time to let you know of the only thing you will (probably) need during this sumer! You might be thinking a new outfit or shoes or perfume..well, even though I study fashion design, that is not what I consider quite important during this season. Because of the fact that I come from a quite tropical country, the most important for me would be to feel comfortable while by the beach, which is where I will be spending most of my time 🙂OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Not a long time ago I got to know about this amazing beach towel designed by the sweetest guys in San Diego. But what is so special about a beach towel, Mariana? You might be thinking, huh… I bet you at some point had to improvise a little pillow (made out of clothes, backpacks and the most crazy shit) in order to lay down by the sand and not feel pain by the end of the day! Well, it always happened to me, but Bruno, Brandon and Steve thought of a towel that comes with a light pillow inside, so you can easily carry everywhere you go with no extra weight!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Not only that, but the towel is eco-friendly and made out if 100% turkish cotton, which makes it extra-comfy.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I could not wait to test mine and here you can see the infinite ways you can use it. Beach towel, sarong, turban, headband, you name it!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

If you want to help out this amazing guys by backing up the project, run to see their campaign and pre-order your Sand Cloud towel, I am sure you will love it ❤

Love, Mari.

Diageo World Class Nordic Final 2014

Hi guys!

I want to dedicate this post to my amazing big brother Hardeep Rehal. He is a professional bartender and last wednesday Diageo World Class Nordic Finals were held here in Copenhagen in the beautiful Hotel D’angleterre.

The competition was held over two days where all the competitors had to compete in several challenges where 6 judges had to judge them on skills, creativity, creations and performance.

Photo by Jamel Sundoo

Photo by Jamel Sundoo

Photo by Rasmus Flindt

Photo by Rasmus Flindt

Photo by Jamel Sundoo

Photo by Jamel Sundoo

One of the last challenges was called “Mystery Box” where they got some minutes to pick out some ingredients and create a cocktail. My brother created the cocktail Norseman Sour and it contained gin, sea buckthorn, licorice and lemon juice.

Photo by Rasmus Flindt

Photo by Rasmus Flindt

He is going to represent Denmark in the World Championship in July and on top of that, he even took the title as the Nordic Champion where he won over Sweden and Norway.

Photo by Jamel Sundoo

Photo by Jamel Sundoo


I am so proud of him. I hope you will all cross your fingers and wish him good luck for the next big challenge! 🙂




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Let jewellery picture her story

Let jewellery picture her story: An Interview with jewellery lover Joana Roxana

For Roxana, it all started as a hobby and as a way to express her own reality, but today she dreams of launching her first collection by the end of this year.

HYBRIDA girls love to see passionate people that enjoy doing what they love the most, because it is inspiring and it is important to support people like Roxana. We want to show the world that a dream does come true if you fight for it!

Today I’m delighted to share her story, her lovely handmade jewellery and passion for re-design of old pieces of jewellery.

So, are you ready to meet Joana?

Interview after the picture ;).


When did you start doing Jewelry?

In 2012, 1 year after I came to Denmark (I am from Romania). At the time I was studying management and it was not what I really enjoyed doing, so whenever I had some spare time I would do drawings, painting…so I started drawing jewellery. At that time I did not see it as something that would grow on me.


How is your design process?

I gather old pieces of jewellery from second-hand shops, fairs from different countries, and I purchase old pieces of jewellery that inspires me.

I try to look at other people’s work and get inspired with different techniques and afterwards I redesign the jewellery in my own way using various techniques.


What inspires you?

Everything that surrounds me inspires me. But something that inspires me the most is nature and Frida Kahlo.


Who does your jewellery appeal to?
A feminine, girly, and elegant person who loves nature, children, animals, and is romantic. Someone who has an inner beauty inside her and she wants to show it to the world in different ways – and a piece of jewellery is one of them.


What is your favourite piece of jewellery?

It is a necklace made out of an old bracelet, which was a gift from my grandmother back when I was only 18. It broke and I felt sorry about it so I decided to give it a new life and re-design it. The chain of the necklace is a silver chain, which was a gift from my mother… The pearls were purchased from a vintage fair. So I’m kind of wearing 3 generations of my family here! I feel strongly attached to this piece because it’s nostalgic and it brings me back good memories. It is a special piece that I connect to.


Future plans?

By the end of this year I have a plan to start up a collection of statement necklaces using the Macramé technique. The Macramé technique is method where you make knots in a cord.

One of the main core values is quality so I will try to incorporate that into my designs by creating something rustic, simple – but unique.


Any idea for the brand name?

I’m not a hundred percent sure but it will probably be something like Joy Chic because my pieces are joyful and chic at the same time – those two words represent me and are also in my own core values.







With Love,



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Internship at Christian Siriano

Hi everyone.

Our exams are finally over, so now we have a bit more freedom! But, we have to do an internship this summer, and some already started their internships, so it will not be a long vacation this year.

Anyway, i wanted to show you some snaps from my previous internship which I did 2 years ago in New York at the designer Christian Siriano. It was an absolutely amazing experience and I had the best time over there!


FW 2014


FW 2014


Design studio


Backstage SS13

Backstage SS13

Backstage SS13

Backstage SS13

Backstage SS13

Backstage SS13

Backstage SS13

Backstage SS13

Fabrics at Mood

Fabrics at Mood

IMG_1801 IMG_1802

Christian is a very talented designer and I am so happy that I got to be part of his team for 3 months.



Mark Kenly Collection view with Uffe Buchard

Hey guys, as I mentioned on my last post about Mark Kenly, that is the brand where I am having my internship and yesterday he showed a preview of his SS15 collection to the Danish fashion master Uffe Buchard! Probably some of you have seen him on Danmark´s Next Top Model, but he is also the mind behind the fashion magazine DANSK.

Well, I helped out during the small show and had the chance to take some snaps to give you a taste of what is about to come, hope you will enjoy it and stay tuned for his show under CPH Fashion Week 😉 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Love, Mari.

Happy (late) maternal figure day!

So yesterday was the day to get to know all your friend´s moms faces on Facebook..haha

I hope you all have enjoyed the company of your maternal figures on sunday and I use that word because many don´t have their moms but have someone else who has been there for them whenever they needed, caring, giving love and providing and what is a mother but that?

I unfortunately did not have the chance to be with mine since we live in different countries so that is why I will dedicate this little post to her. She has been my inspiration since I was very young, both in style and in life. She has always been strong but loving at the same time and was both a mother and a father at a certain point of my life.

Not to mention (as I did in another post) her AWESOME STYLE. Seriously, she is one of the most stylish I have ever known. Here you can see some of her pictures from when she was about my age.IMG_2864 IMG_2869 IMG_2878 IMG_2889 IMG_2894 IMG_2900 IMG_2903

Hope you will enjoy it and give your mom a big hug if you have the chance 🙂

With love, Mari

Menswear for Soulland

Hi there!

I have been so busy working on a school project where I had to design a mini collection focused on Sustainability for the brand SOULLAND. I challenged myself to design menswear for the first time. It was actually fun not only designing but also sewing the garments myself.

Inspirational moodboard from Noelia Fonseca on Vimeo.


My concept was to introduce a limited edition seasonless collection created from pre consumer waste and a collaboration with young upcoming designers. The clothes can be worn by both man and women who likes an androgynous look.

Morten Germund

Morten Germund

Morten GermundPhotographer: Morten Germund

Designer : Noelia Fonseca

Photoshoot Backstage from Noelia Fonseca on Vimeo.



Let me know what do you think about my designs and please give me feedback so that i can become a better designer for you 😉
With Love,


ELLE style Awards 2014

The biggest fashion party ELLE Style Awards 2014 it is on it’s way! On 19th of May you have the chance to meet and see Danish most fashionable, stylish and talented people.

ELLE will announce again this year the hottest names in Danish fashion, and it will be held this year at Concert Hall in DR City .


A lot of talented Danish fashion people were nominated in different categories like for example: the best brands, the best stylist, best actress, and so on. You can see all the nominees at :

The nominees for the best Danish brand this year are :

  • Charlotte Eskildsen (Designers Remix) ;
  • Helle Hesthave & Rikke Baumgarten (Baum Und Pferdgarten);
  • Julie Fagerholt (Heartmade).


The nominees for the stylist of the year are :

  • Rikke Wackerhausen;
  • Alexandra Carl;
  • Dorothea Gundtoft;


You also have the chance to vote for who you think should win the style icon. The three nominees to be voted among are:

  • Caroline Brasch NIELSEN;
  • Pernille TEISBÆK;


Make sure that you get your ticket for the event where the most notable style icons are crowned at the ELLE Style Awards 2014.

Who do you think should win the style icon this year and what do you think about the nominees?



Tailoring from inside

Hey everyone!

Today´s post will be slightly shorter but has tons of hard work going into it!

Lately me and the girls have been working on our school projects and I decided to go for a tailoring suit. There is so much behind it and I am so excited to see my final product done, so I can´t wait to show you! IMG_3033 IMG_3034Here is a little taste of what it is going to look like and as we have been talking about sustainability lately, I can only say that tailor-made garments are some of the most sustainable ways of purchasing clothing, since you choose the materials, colours and it is hand-made, it becomes an item of very high quality. Not to say you will want to keep a product specially made for you forever!

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Love, Mari.

Mark Kenly Domino Tan

Hello guys and girls! I really hope that this great weather does not just turn into pouring rain never know when living in CPH 😉 Today I am gonna introduce you (to the ones who do not know yet) to one of my favourite Danish brands lately, which (tah-dah!!!) also turns out to be my current internship place. I am extremely happy since I am learning a lot and being in contact with the sweetest people! Mark Kenly is one of the new Danish designers, he is extremely talented and can create magic with his hands. One of his secrets is the introduction of innovative and sustainable materials into his collections. The fabrics seen on his dresses and jackets are just candy for the eyes! Now I leave you with some of the pictures from his previous collections, don´t forget to access his webpage in order to keep updated! _r0q1170_kopi Images from http://www.copenhagenfashionweek.com_r0q1181_kopi_750x1125 mark-kenly-domino-tan-spring-summer-2014-cfw14 Happy wednesday! Mari