Colombian treasure

Hey guys! Today I want to share with you this amazing collection pieces from a young Colombian designer.

Miguel Mesa Posada is only 19, but he is already creating amazing pieces. He is currently at his fifth semester studying Fashion Design at the Colombian Medellin Tuition and recently just launched his first collection called Potosi.

Potosi means uncountable wealth, and is also the name of the Bolivian city that hosted the richest silver mine in the world during the colonial times .

I am truly amazed with his creativity and capability to work with textiles. It is so inspiring!


Miguel’s collection speaks of mining excavations as a metaphor of scars, where the ” Geology” covers fibre and healthy mining lacerations of Mixed America. “We are all children , and where the real wealth of our continent is not present in metallic treasures, but in the way we live and work in community.”

The quilt-like patterns that make up Miguel Mesa Posada’s Potosi collection are made out of recycled fibers. An interesting choice of material, the designer reveals, “I home-dyed over 40 colours of a textile cotton waste and used PET to generate the headpieces.”


The texture of this collection is built by way of geological strata with unbleached cotton yarn – textile industrial waste warp hand – dyed paper and paper overlaid . In the paper patterns yarns as he placed the body part had wanted color, and then a design drawn lines on paper , I realized assembly. Finally he made holes ( similar to the methods of digging in opencast mining ) that showed the ” fabric ” behind the paper , as a metaphor of mining. Accessories that he built were made ​​from PET fiber having nothing metal and hand were agglomerated .
Miguel Mesa Posada

Here is a short interview with Miguel:


How and when Potasi was born?

Potosi – born in June 2013 , when I went to the Young Artists Workshop , just finishing my third semester of Fashion Design, with the aim of presenting my first collection , along with the other lines of students of the workshop on the catwalk the same name in Colombia Moda .

Potosi-Verde-trendland‘I understand that you are studying , what you hope to do once you finish your studies ?

I will graduate in 2015, and would like to specialize in textiles and craftsmanship of my country.

Where can we find your clothes? Are they for sale?

-Currently working on order, because the garments are constructed manually and complexity makes each piece to fit. You can contact me at


What are your future plans?

I plan to continue to generate reflections on America of which I am the son; speculate how life would have been in my country without the colonization process; how I should live a mixed life; how to prevent last despise Amerindian and produce is locally sourced conceptual pieces with a global speculative stroke.



I hope that you like his work, as much as I do 😉 Innovative designers like him, needs recognition and support.